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KGAL Corporate Design & Website

KGAL is an asset management company focussing on long-term real capital investments for institutional investors. The KGAL website acts as a business card and information portal. The new website needed to meet the company's increased visual and technical requirements and therefore had to be rethought from the ground up. In addition, three domains were to be united under one roof.

Übersicht KGAL Corporate Design und Beispiel-Medien

As part of a brand workshop, KGAL's brand essence was developed as the foundation for the new corporate design: Who is KGAL? How and to whom does it communicate and what does it want to achieve? Accordingly, the design, imagery, typography and concept were aligned with these requirements and rolled out to the individual media.

konkav Referenz KGAL Kundenmagazin 1
konkav Referenz KGAL Kundenmagazin 2

One highlight of the roll-out is the customer magazine "Perspectives": a successful mix of interesting articles, detailed infographics and loving illustrations.

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