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Better bold than boring: Only strong brands grow stronger

As brand-to-business specialists, we take the approach that everything is brand and brand is key to growth. We clearly define the brand and stage it through all touch-points with a strong basis – strategically, creatively, consistently.

Strong brands evoke more associations in the target group than weak brands. They are bought more often and their customers are more loyal. Strong brands have more pricing power and are more profitable. They are also more attractive to applicants, and employees and partners identify with them more strongly. We support B2B companies not only in the development of a meaningful corporate design, but also in long-term brand development and brand management.

A strong brand and a strong corporate design are competitive edges that are reflected in a company’s success. From small businesses to medium-sized operations, from start-ups to corporations – all profit from strong brands.

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Higher returns

Creatively excellent brands outperform their competitors. High-performing brands were more than twice as likely to improve their pricing power and nearly 16 times more likely to see a very strong increase in profitability.1

Stronger Growth

Strong brands generate above-average returns. The Kantar portfolio of strong brands, with 363% growth, outperformed the S&P 500 by 224% and the MSCI World Index by 115% (2006–2021).2

1 Financial Times/IPA: Who says CEOs don´t understand how to build brands?
2 Kantar Brandz: 2021 most valuable global brands

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    Workshop strategy
    In the tension field between companies, customers and competitors, we analyse brand prospects and target group insights to optimally position the brand and its personality.

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    Brand design workshop
    Together, we define the brand image and tonality based on the corporate values and strategic positioning.

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    Brand design creation
    We derive ideas for the brand design from the condensed results of the workshop and present two design routes for further elaboration..

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    Brand assets finalisation
    Based on the strategically derived and released design, all essential brand assets, including typography, colours, imagery and icons, are defined and summarised in design documentation for the design of future brand elements.

The critical role of corporate design in brand development

Corporate design is an essential part of brand development and important for brand management. While the design is only part of the entire brand spectrum, it is one of the most important factors that can be leveraged to help brands become known. It allows target groups to easily find the brand in the buying environment, serves as an anchor for brand positioning and can be loaded with meaning. In addition to developing the corporate design, KONKAV advises customers in the design of brand communication for B2B marketing.

Pricing, distribution and product also play important roles in the realisation of the brand positioning and the brand strategy. Only if these areas are all considered as an integrated whole can strong brands emerge.