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Campaign to business: Creative differentiation for more growth

We reduce complexity to the relevant core. We ask: What do our customers’ target groups need? Simplicity and relevance meet creative staging for effective campaigns with us. The result is more success for companies.

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Effektivere Kundenakquise durch Kampagnen

Studien zeigen, dass B2B-Kampagnen einen erheblichen Einfluss auf den Geschäftserfolg haben können. Laut einer Umfrage des Content Marketing Institutes haben 89% der B2B-Marketer festgestellt, dass B2B-Kampagnen ihre Kundenakquise verbessern. Zudem können gut durchdachte Kampagnen die Markenbekanntheit steigern, die Kundenbindung stärken und letztendlich zu einem höheren Umsatzwachstum führen.

Strategically developed content for targeted multichannel communication

At KONKAV, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services for B2B campaigns to successfully position your company and reach your target group. Our services comprise:

  • Strategy development:
    We develop custom campaign strategies tailored to the specific needs of your medium-sized company. Through a thorough analysis of target groups and competitors, we identify the right channels, messages and measures for achieving your marketing goals.

  • Creative concept and design:
    Our experienced creative experts design engaging and impactful campaign concepts that clearly communicate your message and differentiate your brand. From the visual design to the landing page design to the preparation of promotional material, everything we do contributes to an outstanding creative experience for you.

  • Content creation:
    We develop high-quality B2B campaigns designed to reach your target group. From compelling texts to infographics to videos, our content engages your target group and delivers your message effectively.

Strategy meets creativity: Proven process for strong B2B campaigns

Our proven process for carrying out B2B campaigns comprises the following phases:

  • Icon "Diagnose"

    This is where we get to know you in your environment. Ideally, we work with you in a workshop to evaluate your situation and look at your brand, your market and your target groups and their needs.

  • Icon "Strategie"

    Strategy and objective
    Together with you, we define clear goals for your campaign and develop a comprehensive strategy, taking into account the market, the competition and the brand, that allows you to reach these goals in the relevant channels.

  • Icon "Kreation"

    Development of creative concept
    Our creatives design a unique and appealing concept for your campaign that engages your target group and effectively conveys your message in suitable formats.

  • Kampagnen-Icon

    Production and roll-out
    We work with you or your media agency to ensure you are on the right channels at the right time. Besides creating content and supplying assets, we can also carry out the detailed planning of the communication upon request.

Attract B2B target groups and gain customer loyalty