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Powerful brand strategies: The basis for successful B2B brands

At the intersection between companies, addressees and competitors, we develop brand strategies and, on this basis, stage the brands according to their positioning – in a strategically relevant and creatively differentiating way for maximum impact within the target group.

Solid foundations for strong brands and campaigns

The strategy provides the basis for brand development. In the strategy the status quo of the brand and the brand environment are analysed. The challenges that should be overcome with the brand development and brand communication are pinpointed here.

The strategy develops solutions to the challenges in the brand environment. Here, the brand positioning is defined and the creative foundation stone for corporate design and the ensuing communication concept is laid.

The strategy shows where the brand should be headed; realisation takes it there. In the creative phase we develop initial design concepts for the new corporate design for a memorable and recognisable brand design.

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Our four phases of brand management

Brand management is the long-term guidance of the brand. Definition of brand goals is followed by development of a brand strategy and the corresponding measures via the marketing instruments of price, product, brand communication and distribution along with success monitoring. With our brand strategy unit and our campaign unit, we can provide comprehensive advice and integrate and implement measures across the entire B2B brand management.

Brand management is classically divided up into four phases:

  • Icon "Diagnose"


    Analysis of the status quo and definition of the challenge

  • Icon "Strategie"


    Approaches for optimisation that take into account the 4 marketing Ps

  • Icon "Planning"


    Development of measures based on market analysis

  • Sucess Planning

    Measurement of success

    Evaluation of measures

Strategy for more effective B2B communications