Sedlmayr Corporate Design: Titel

Sedlmayr Brand Refresh

Sedlmayr Grund und Immobilien AG (Sedlmayr AG) is owner and manager of over 3,800 flats and commercial spaces, primarily in the Munich and Stuttgart areas.

Sedlmayr commissioned K16 to update its brand, as the pictorial mark was last revised in 2004 in the course of the spin-off and sale of the brewery business of Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu KGaA. In addition, the brand design was not yet completely fleshed out. On the other hand, the traditional family-owned company’s look had to pay homage to its lengthy history.

Sedlmayer Hintergrundmotiv Immobilien
Sedlmayr Corporate Design: Farben
Sedlmayr Corporate Design: Fotografie-Beispiel
Sedlmayr Corporate Design: Typografie

In the conception phase, it also became clear that the brand was hardly visible to applicants and needed to be made more appealing to improve the employer branding.

Sedlmayr hoped that the professional brand design would create an easy-to-use corporate design, increase awareness through better recognition and make a long-term contribution to retaining the value of the brand with its real estate portfolio.

In joint workshops we developed, based on requirements, a brand credo and a brand circle to guide the development of the new brand communication for Sedlmayr AG.

Sedlmayr Corporate Design: Geschäftsausstattung
Sedlmayr Geschäftsbericht 2023 Coverseite

The gentle refresh of the word-pictorial mark was accompanied by definition of a new corporate font, additional colours and imagery. Definition of simple layout principles and documentation of the results rounded off the project.

Our thoughtfully revised version of the pictorial mark visibly retains the original design line. At the same time it is modernised and optimised for better display on digital devices. In this sense the result of the brand refresh creates a successful balance between loyalty to tradition and modernisation of the brand.