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Fingentia Brand Design

Fintech Fingentia develops AI and data science solutions for banks. After its founding, the company needed a corporate identity that defined the pillars of the brand and created the conditions for growth before it could be launched on the market. This required development of an integrated corporate identity with mission and vision, name, corporate design, website and pitch deck PowerPoint presentation.

The individual needs and the pillars of the corporate identity were defined in the strategy workshop. The anchoring in the fintech sector was just as important as a dynamically meaningful and memorable corporate design. The development goal was a modular design with just a few very powerful core assets that a start-up without a large marketing department could easily use. At the same time it had to make professional and efficient brand management possible and offer enough flexibility to allow further shaping of the brand. 

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A corporate identity was developed based on the idea of the digital mountaineer. The logo design symbolizes the ascent that AI and data science solutions enable. The corporate design stands for inspiration, creativity, clarity and technological understanding. The first step was to create a website, social media assets and productivity templates as well as a PowerPoint master including a slide library and a Word template in the corporate design. 

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