targenio Brand Relaunch

targenio software digitalises business processes end to end and maximises automation for globally operating companies in the automotive, logistics, aviation, tourism and financial services sectors. The product brand, which was previously successful under the umbrella of a global audit and consultancy firm, now appears independently.

The targenio brand product promise describes the digitalisation and automation of business processes in international and usually multilingual contexts, with end-to-end mapping of processes across organisational boundaries being completed within a short period of time.

The brand is based on the attributes of intimacy, simplicity and speed and should convey a world in which the complex appears simple and manageable without outside help.

konkav Referenz targenio farbwelt
konkav Referenz targenio Typografie
konkav Referenz targenio iconset
konkav Referenz targenio iconset

The initial focus of the branding project was on quickly making the new product brand visible on the web. The goal was to convey the product promise clearly and simply in the form of an elevator pitch. A blog generates additional content which is shared on social media to ensure regular traffic to the site.

In addition to the website, a set of Word and PowerPoint documents was provided. The UX design of the product was also adapted to the new brand design. The next update will include a major update of the UX design.

konkav Referenz targenio website screen
konkav Referenz targenio website screenshots desktop und mobile